The Services of Psychologists: What’s the Difference from Counselors & Therapists?

When you are suffering from some kind of mental health problem and issues, you should consider seeing a professional. These professionals who have had years of study in terms of human psychology and behavior have both experience and expertise to help you out with your problems. When you meet with a Sydney professional psychologist, for instance, they can help get to the root of your problem and recommend a solution.


When talking about seeking help from a professional psychologist in Sydney, you might be confused about the term therapist or counselor. In fact, most people would assume that they would all mean the same and can provide you with the same type of services. However, this is far from the truth. You need to know the difference between a counselor, psychologist and professional therapist Sydney has to offer to find the right one you need.


A therapist can have a number of degrees and could specialize in specific social and mental health issues, including life coaches, social workers and marriage counselors. It is therefore a broader category of service with which counselors and psychologists fall under. Therapists are licensed and have the ability to provide treatment to common social, mental and emotional health issues that a patient faces.

In order to become a therapist, you must have completed a degree in psychology and completed the required training.


In order to become a counselor (no matter what type), you do not have to complete a degree. The sole responsibility of a counselor is to provide guidance regarding problems linked to psychological, social and personal issues. The goal for counselors is therefore to provide advice to encourage the patient to make healthy decisions. However, they are unable to treat patients who come to them. You can seek the help of a counselor when dealing with unhealthy relationships, substance abuse or self-confidence, among other things. Tom Gross Psychologist


A Sydney professional psychologist is the one that offers a more comprehensive service of the three in comparison. Of the three, this is the one that requires the highest level of educational attainment. There are also several areas of specialization in which psychologists can practice in. Primarily, they should have completed an advanced degree in psychology to be able to practice in this field.

Aside from providing consultation to clients, the best professional psychologist in Sydney can also provide therapy and treatment. The type of therapy recommended and the length of the therapy will vary from case to case. They also have the ability to diagnose mental health conditions and disorders. All of the recommended treatments must adhere to standards of practice in the mental health industry. Furthermore, they must obtain continued education and training, especially as research and studies are ongoing when it comes to the field of psychology.

If you or you know someone who might be in need of the service of Sydney professional psychologist, you will be able to choose using the information above! Knowing who to turn to for help can spell a huge difference in terms of addressing your problems with highest efficiency.