Find Out 5 Habits that Can Cost you Your Hair

The hair is an important component of one’s physical beauty.  This is why everybody, be it women or men, loves to have shiny, strong and healthy hair that reveals one’s personality. To many people, bad hair can adversely affect their self-esteem. Although some people are lucky to have hair that is naturally luxurious, many people suffer from hair loss. Of course, everyone loses hair during styling and brushing. However, excessive hair loss can be a depressing and traumatic experience to both women and men. Working with professionals in hair salon Indooroopilly has (if you’re here in QLD) can help prevent hair loss. You may also need to do away with habits that lead to hair loss. Some of these habits include:

Mishandling wet hair

Your hair strands are very fragile and can easily break when saturated with water, because the protective cuticles are raised slightly. Combing or brushing your hair in the shower and then towel-drying it aggressively can cause excessive hair loss. You should reduce post-shower combing and brushing by combing your hair before it gets wet. After you shower, use a soft towel to blot (do not rub) your hair.

Styling your hair using hot tools

Scorching temperature denatures your hair’s protein and damages its cuticles. Damaging of the hair cuticle disrupts the balance making your hair more susceptible to breakage. You can prevent this by limiting use of hot tools on your hair. You may also visit professionals in hair salon Indooroopilly has for advice on the best hair styling techniques.

Using the wrong styling products

Everyone would love to use a styling gel or hair spray that is long-lasting. However, such products are mostly high in alcohol that makes your hair brittle and dry. The alcohol residue makes your hair to fall or break once you brush or comb. Avoid use of any product that makes your hair sticky or stiff. Instead, go for styling creams offered in a hair salon in Indooroopilly to maintain the moisture of your hair and to avoid friction when brushing.

Scratching your scalp

Scratching your scalp can damage the hair cuticle making the hair fiber highly prone to breakage. You can relieve the itch by applying a shampoo that has zinc pyrithione, selenium. You may also contact an Indooroopilly hair salon on advice on the best products to relive the itch. Stefan

Failing to clean your hair often enough

Most people find it convenient to use the dry shampoo instead of washing their hair. However, this is not good for the hair. Excessive dandruff can clog the follicles of the hair making it hard for the hair to grow. It is okay to skip shampoo for one day. However, if you make it a habit, oil, dirt, and product residue may clog pores in your scalp. You should clean your lock every two days, particularly if you use a lot of hair products or are sweating. You may also need to visit any cheap hair salon in Indooroopilly to have your hair professionally cleaned.

Your hair is strong but not invincible. Simple bad habits can rob your hair its beauty. Avoid the above habits and give your hair a kind and a gentle treat. Professionals in a hair salon Indooroopilly has today can help you maintain a strong, elastic, and healthy hair.