Factors to consider when buying self-tan products

Cosmeticians have revealed that self-tanning products are now made with ingredients to fasten their results and increase efficiency. However, this modification of adding more active ingredients to the tanning products has led to many of the products being reactive and dangerous to people’s skin. Whether sun tanning or non-sun tanning products, the epidermis is where the products work and they all show their effects on the epidermis to determine their efficiency. The best self tanning lotion is the one that can give you the perfect tan effect without exposing your skin to the UV rays.

How the best self-tanning lotion works on the skin

It is worth knowing that the active ingredient in the best self tanning lotion in QLD is the dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is the color additive that works on the dead cells to cover the skin against the UV rays and gives the skin its perfect color. When one uses the additive once, the color will disappear after some days, and it will need to be applied again for perfect effects to be experienced. People get sun burns during the summer but when self-tan products are applied, they end up being protected from the rays of the sun, and hence, to sun burns.

For the best self tanning lotion, they need to have sunscreens. Unfortunately, many of these self-tans don’t contain sunscreens, and once one is exposed to the sun, he or she may end up getting sun burns. Consider having a sun screen even when you have applied the self-tan products, and you are going to the waters.

Self-tan pills and self-tan lotions compared

The QLD Best self tanning lotion is the one that has effects only locally on the skin, and once you stop, its effects also stop. You will not experience any side effects. The pills, on the other hand, have an active ingredient called canthaxanthin. Canthaxanthin works by mixing with the blood and then goes to the skin to cause the color change. It is excreted through the liver so people with liver disease should not use self-tan pills.

 If not properly used, the pills can cause the skin color to permanently change to yellow or brown, which makes people to have a bad look. Besides, the pills are associated with liver damage after chronic use of the product.

Further, always ensure that any tanning lotion you buy is approved by the FDA to ensure that you don’t incur any dangerous side effects. You have to know the perfect dosage to apply to avoid affecting your skin with harsh chemicals. The lotions act locally, so users will not be affected internally even after prolonged use.

Best ways to apply the sun tanning products

When you have bought the cheap self tanning lotions in QLD, you need to know the perfect method of applying them. If you apply them carelessly, you might not end up getting the best results of the product.

To remove dead cells and hard tissues on your skin, you need to exfoliate your skin with a wash cloth. This will make the product work efficiently within the shortest period possible. Apply in sections, massaging every section thoroughly to ensure that the product has been well absorbed. Give it time to dry after that and ensure that you put more emphasis on the ankles, knees and other hard areas of the skin.